The Bad That Comes With Selfie Apps

The Bad That Comes With Selfie Apps

With the impossibly high beauty standards of today and flawless celebrities sharing selfies to their high fan-base, we as a society want to appear perfect offline and on. Social media is one of the biggest influences on how we should perceive beauty. So, it’s easily understandable of how we expect perfection of ourselves and appearance when social media and its influences reach a majority of people. The delusional standard of beauty within our society weighs heavily on many people trying to achieve those standards and the involvement of selfie apps further contributes to this problem.

If we as a society didn’t have this desire to achieve a certain standard of what is considered acceptable or attractive, we wouldn’t resort to such extreme measures that are unhealthy both physically and mentally. There isn’t anything wrong with the simple act of sharing selfies itself. In fact, it can be a great thing if you’re doing it for the right reasons. But if you’re constantly obsessing over how your selfies look and trying to achieve the “perfect” selfie with certain selfie apps, that’s where it becomes an issue of mental health. The truth of it is, we can’t all achieve these impossible standards of beauty, and while more and more selfie editing apps are being created and used, more of us are succumbing to this unhealthy desire.

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Our “flaws” are what make us unique. Consistently trying to imitate the appearances of popular social media influences through selfie apps isn’t at all healthy or realistic. When we’re immersed in our selfies and trying to perfect them, we forget what’s important in self-love and self-acceptance. Constantly trying to appear perfect is a huge problem in our society. No amount of selfie editing software is going to teach us to accept ourselves for who we are.

The root of the problem isn’t selfie apps though. The root of the impossible standards of beauty is within our society as a whole and should be addressed by spreading positivism and acceptance. Seeing popular influences within social media and the online community spread this kind of self-love and empowerment is essential for us to move past this idealization of perfecting ourselves. If we stop focusing on what other people in the social media world will think of us, we will then be past needing to edit every selfie we share online.

Hot Designers of 2017

Hot Designers of 2017

Fashion is just an extension of a person. Everyone seems to be getting into it. Citizens and Celebrities alike are sticking their feet into the world of fashion. Why not? The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that covers everything that can be worn. Designers are making everything and they are doing it with style.

House of Dereon

House of Dereon is the brainchild of three wonderful women. Agnez, Tina and Beyonce. The brand started over 80 years ago when Tina’s mom and Beyonce’s grandmother created clothing for well to do clients and her children. The love for fashion has been passed down to Tina and Beyonce. The House of Dereon is a design house that features items from head to toe. If I had the money, I could really see myself pairing a sexy banded halter with a pair of basic boot cut jeans and topping it all of with some amazing looking bohemian jewelry. I would finish off with a pair of Verlille boots. House of Dereon has been featured in Celebrity Living, Ebony, and Life magazine. Beyonce is so confident with her own designs that she wore them to the 2007 Golden Globe Awards.


Igigi and designer Yuliya Zeltser are proudly saying that you can be a size 16-32 and still look faboulous. Designer Yuliya Zeltser relized her calling when she would shop for clothing with her mother. She was amazed at the lack of style for large sized women. When asked why she designs these styles, she responded with “When designing, I always imagine how a woman will feel in the garment,” comments Yuliya, “I try to determine if the clothes will make her more excited about where she is going. Will she feel more feminine, sensual and seductive?” she continues. “Many customers write to say my clothes make them feel virtually invincible, like a goddess. That’s what makes it all worthwhile to me.” I’m not the only one that loves Igigi designs. Igigi has been featured in Weight Watchers, Latina, Essence, and Bestylish magazine.

Trina Turk

Trina Turk has been in the spotlight with the latest episode of “The Apprentice.” Trina started designing clothes at an early age. She knew what she wanted to do from childhood. Trina comments that luck favors the prepared. This is true when you look at the fact that Trina Turk has a store in every major metropolis. Her clothing designs have been featured in twenty-two major fashion magazines. Trina Turk designs are simple and comfortable. It looks like the 70’s fashion styles are back. Trina Turk features many designs from that era and puts a modern twist on it with color and flair. One of my favorite designs is a simple blouse found on her website that has a 70’s gypsy influence. A lot of the blouse designs have the classic yoke strap and many of the fashions would make First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy proud.

Let’s not forget about the men, they can be fashionable too!

Brooks Brothers

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Brooks Brothers is the talk of the town for men’s fashion designs. They are Esquire magazine’s style obsession of the month. Brooks Brothers is not only about modern day ready to wear fashions, they’re also about heritage. Brooks Bothers have been producing great fashion since 1818. Presidents love Brooks Brothers. Former Presidents John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton wore Brooks Brothers fashions. Celebrities love Brooks Brothers. Classic actors like Cary Grant and John Barrymore were Brooks Brothers customers. Katharine Hepburn was the first female star to don Brooks Brothers trousers. Current stars like Will Smith, Queen Latifah, and Kevin Bacon are all known to favor Brooks Brothers fashions. It doesn’t matter if you choose a suit from Brooks Brothers, a swimsuit from Trina Turk, a blouse from Igigi, or something from the House of Dereon. I have to agree with Tyra Banks when she states “Fashion is a beautiful thing”.